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About us

Dlvery Expark

We are a local start-up logistics company operating with the mission of giving a worry-free food and errand fulfillment delivery services as well as helping micro, small and medium enterprises byproviding them a tailor-fitted logistics solution.


Our Goals

Customer Relations

We will exhaust and utilize all possible social media platforms to provide the best customer service and create a good customer relationship.

Business Solutions

We will provide customized logistics solutions to micro, small, and medium enterprises based on their needs and capability.


We want to help micro to medium enterprises get their own spotlight in the food, service and retail industries by providing the best logistic service.


With the fast-paced technology, we will adapt to and implement these innovations to provide hassle-free delivery services.

Humble beginnings

Local Start-up

In the multi-national company dominated industry, we are a proud Filipino start-up company striving to compete with them while helping with other local industries to reach success.

Aiming High

Leading the Way

We, just like any other start-up companies, are hoping to be one of the industry leaders waving the Filipino Pride together with our partners and other stakeholders.

Like no other

DLX Rewards

Here at DLX, we give rewards with real-world value. A loyalty program powered by Sparkpoint Ecosystem.

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