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What is DLX Rewards?

DLX Rewards is Dlvery Expark's loyalty program powered by Sparkpoint Ecosystem.

This program rewards the users for using DLX platform and services. Unlike other loyalty program or loyalty points, tokens earned whithin the DLX platform is non-expiring and has real-world utilization.

How does it work?

You will get Sparkpoint Token (SRK) for every transaction you make in the DLX platform.

The more you use the platform, the more Sparkpoint Token you earn which you can later use to purchase vouchers, pay for delivery fees and donate to charities.

What is Sparkpoint Token?

Sparkpoint Token or SRK is a virtual currency by Sparkpoint Ecosystem that has real-world value. SRK is like fiat currency but is intangible and can be used digitally. They are stored using digital wallet

Sparkpoint Token's value changes almost every minute which gives it a unique characteristic compared to fixed value loyalty points which can only be used for products and services approved by the merchant. With DLX rewards, users will be able to earn SRK for use inside and outside DLX Platform.

Frequenly Asked Questions

It means that you can use your DLX rewards not only inside the application, but also outside the platform. Sparkpoint Token has a real value like money. As we are working continuously to provide you great options, sooner you can withdraw your Sparkpoint Token and convert it to other virtual currency or trade it in exchanges.
For Food Delivery Services, you will earn SRK equivalent to 1% of your order and for other services will be 0.2% of the service cost.
Actually it is not. First, you can only get as much as 0.01%-0.5% of your expense as a rewards from existing loyalty programs. Second, our rewards program provides you a token which you can use like money, it may look small but with its utility, it has a higher value compared to conventional reward program
You can use your SRK tokens to purchase discount vouchers, free delivery vouchers and donate to charities inside the application. Once the Sparkpoint Ecosystem application has been fully developed, you will enjoy more benefits with DLX rewards.
Go to your account section via web or mobile application > and then select DLX Rewards. You will see your available balance and vouchers in this section, select a voucher and then click "Claim". You will receive a notification once your voucher is ready within 10 minutes.
YES! Occassionally we are hosting and conductin promotions, events and tasks that can reward you more tokens than the regular computation.
As of the moment this is not possible but hey, we are already working on this.
  1. Log-on to the web application on https://dlveryexpark.com
  2. Choose a charity or cause
  3. Copy the contract address and input the number of SRK tokens to be donated
  4. Click "Scan QR" and input the number of SRK tokens to be donated
  5. Click Donate

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